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Wedding Decor in Nigeria Traditional and White Wedding Ideas

Nigeria is a country located in the West Africa region. One country is bordered by Niger in the North, Cameroon to the East, Benin to the West and Chad to the Northeast. Chad is the limits of Nigeria's Northeast which are the United Kingdom and colonies of the country became independent in 1960.

Nigerian wedding decoration, thankfully, has increased considerably in the last two years or more. Perhaps it is because of the easier access to ideas that are really good through the internet, or enhance creativity by wedding decorations and wedding outfit planning.

Trends in wedding decorations 2014 including use of gorgeous flowers, laser cut impressive set up, grand mandaps/chuptazs and colored lighting which is really good. Here are some pictures of Nigeria wedding decorations to Nigeria traditional wedding and white and may you be inspired by them.

Wedding Decor in Nigeria– White Weddings

How to blend American culture in Nigeria & wedding.
The mixing of two different cultures during the marriage is a complicated feat because of the pressure to recognize both families while still only creates a unique opportunity. In the case of the Nigerian-American marriage, things are no different. Planning a wedding is hard enough and the cultural expectations of the complicate question. For those in this situation, there is a simple way to embed a culture of Nigeria into the average American wedding thus creating a ceremony that one-of-a-kind and memorable for all.

Do traditional Nigerian wedding by bringing all parents, elders, family, relatives and friends from both sides to bless the Union. It should be held before the church ceremony and require popularized the alcohol, which can be obtained at a store, African food and drinks. During the ceremony, the bride must get knees and feed the groom some food or serve him a drink.

Serving Nigeria apart from other American dishes during the cocktail hour after a Christian marriage. These include a sweet puff puff balls made from fried dough and small pieces of spicy Suya meat on a toothpick. Bissap, red sweet drinks made from roselle plant, can also be offered.

Entertaining guests at the reception with a Nigerian Dance Troupe performs before the arrival of the new couple. In addition, family members can enter the reception hall, Nigeria in matching outfits singing hymns of the feast in their language to commemorate the Union.

Recognizing Nigeria culture by wearing the traditional garb of Nigeria and jewelry at some point during the reception. Spouses, parents and their friends are also must wear clothes. Dance with a companion will entertain guests and will be remembered.

Play Nigeria as well as American music during the reception party. Invite a Nigerian band that plays traditional and contemporary music to entertain. Bridal spray with making money that falls from his head to his feet while he danced all night.

Hopefully you are inspired by the image of Nigerian wedding decorations shown here. I think for a traditional wedding, the color is the way forward, but for a white wedding, don't go overboard, and try to include neutral colors such as white and ivory as possible especially for hanging on the wall, while using the other colors light in other areas. */ kode iklan sini */

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