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Cute Hello Kitty Wall Decor For Your Living Room Ideas

In designing the house to make it more modern and appealing, indeed there are a few points to note. Such as staining, furniture, accessories and more. Likewise also in designing living space, because space know is most often seen many who visit. Then we need to design a living room to make it more interesting to view. For your family that chose the theme of feminine. Hello Kitty wall decor might be very suitable for your house guests rang. On color, to pink indeed signifies the meaning of loyalty and sincerity. Of course this can also show the private owner of her home.

Cute Hello Kitty Wall Decor For Your Living Room Ideas

Then there are classic colors that correspond to the concept of Hello Kitty that will make furniture more beautiful and charming. This will give the impression of luxury create your family at home. For those of you who like to combining neutral colors. We recommend that you use the color of the mixture of the two colors. Like pink, white, cream, brown and others. In addition to the color, of course it takes is also wall decor with theme of Hello Kitty. For more details, refer to the only Hello Kitty wall decor for living room here.

Hello Kitty Wall Decor For Living Room

In choosing the Hello Kitty wall decor, needs to pay attention to color. The colors used in the living room concept of the Hello Kitty is very diverse. First, there are also some other changes which applied i.e. motif line on the wall of the living room. It is also along the ribbon icons like Hello Kitty ideas. Its stripes motif is indeed designed with interlocking crosses and icons for ribbon colored pink.

And do not miss, is the pattern of Hello Kitty also appears on this living room furniture. As the use of sofas, tables and various accessories are kept given the concept of a touch of Hello Kitty wall decor. If we conclude, some ideas for designs that can be applied so that more feminine as well as impress house beautiful like Hello Kitty. Some compositions on the main color used is pink and white.

Cute Hello Kitty Wall Decor

Living room with classic architecture is very suitable to apply the Hello Kitty wall decor. Hello Kitty head, became the main attraction of accent in this concept. The most important concept of Hello Kitty in living room walls, furniture and accessories. You can decorate your living room with the use of wallpaper the wall. By using these wallpapers with models or the Hello Kitty theme.

and you also do not forget to give a  furniture jepara minimalis matching the pink color that is synonymous with hello kitty, in this case usually we can give a  sofa minimalis or console table Duco, it will make your room into a beautiful

You can just combine the white and also pink with wall hangings with a picture of Hello Kitty. As the trimmer more beautiful again you can also select the shape of the free form sofa. The same as the model on the wall with the same theme namely, Hello Kitty or pink color theme. You can also add floor rugs with Hello Kitty wall decor. Certainly with the nuance that is identical to the color pink and also Hello Kitty. */ kode iklan sini */

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