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Nigeria Church Altar Decoration and Wedding Traditions

Nigeria is a country located in the West Africa region. One country is bordered by Niger in the north. Cameroon to the east, Benin to the west, and Chad to the northeast. A wedding is a special moment in someone's life, the wedding moment is always expected to occur only once. Therefore, any maximum preparation of far-away days and involves a lot of people. The high cost of a wedding is often unavoidable. But calm down, there are a million ideas that you can do to save the organization of weddings.

Nigeria Church Altar Decoration and Wedding Traditions

If it hears the word marriage. The shadow may appear in your mind is one day where the bride wore a white gown. The groom wore a suit, together will swear in love on love or grief. But, in fact every country has different wedding traditions, including Nigeria's wedding. Not only from the model's clothing, activities as well as its meaning vary. Not only India, Nigeria also has a tradition of marriage. Nigerian wedding tradition is very unique and interesting to be discussed, as well as Nigeria church altar decoration. Just check out the Nigeria church altar decoration and unique wedding traditions from Nigeria here.

Nigeria Church Altar Decoration

Wedding Nigeria church altar decoration is very interesting. Nigeria usually uses two kinds of colors in designing wedding decorations, even more. These two colors opposite each other. Nigeria church altar decoration with any yellow combined with black. Nigeria church altar decoration red with white, black with orange and also, and so on. Another case for the Nigeria church altar decoration with a lot of colors. Usually this is used for the Nigeria church altar decoration of luxurious and glamorous wedding. Nigeria's many diverse colors combine to make decorating her marriage increasingly colorful.

Wedding Decorating Ideas

Post flower in the bottle and a piece of bamboo. So, the your wedding venue will look cute and unique without having to break out a lot of costs. The balloon is a mainstay in order that the party could look festive. From the round, create like a hot-air balloon. A lovely display at the wedding does not always have to be expensive. You just use bottles and shells. With it, the nuances of the marine also could be felt.

About furniture for decoration wedding,furniture jepara minimalis is the best choice for the decoration of furniture, let alone a sofa, chair tiffany  to sit the guests, and many other Jepara furniture

Nigeria Wedding Traditions

In Nigeria, there is a wedding tradition called the "Money Dance". True to its name, the groom and bride will dance. They will be given money by the guests. His money is not given from hand to hand, but thrown. Before you start dancing, guests of men will ask for permission with the groom. To throw money to the bride. This also applies vice versa. When the money is falling, which served to pick it up is the faithful companion of both bride and groom. The purpose of this tradition is actually more toward wasteful and have fun. The money was intended so that the bride can use it to build their new family. So don't hesitate, if you want the love of money. */ kode iklan sini */

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